About Lisette Howard

lisette howard ifbb pro

My name is Lisette Howard and I am an IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and Published Fitness Model. Fitness has always been a part of my life. I spent years as a competitive ballet dancer, I love to compete, and I loved the stage. Four years ago a friend of mine introduced me to different kind of stage and a different kind of competition. I was in the process of transitioning out of my healthcare business and was looking to do something more meaningful with my life that not only fulfilled me but allowed me to help others. The decision to change my body and work towards becoming an IFBB Pro athlete changed my life forever. I had my new set of goals and my fitness journey began.

In 2011, the IFBB had recently created the Pro Bikini category. The bikini category was appealing to me because it wasn't just about creating a “healthy body”, but an aesthetically appealing, strong, sexy, and feminine body. Competing inspired and educated me on how to refine my methods. To “go Pro” my challenge was to beat thousands of national competitors based on the principles of symmetry, balance, and aesthetics. During my journey I've worked with all levels of trainers and dietitians including master trainers and sports nutritionist which lead me to earn my IFBB Pro card in 2013. Ultimately, through my experiences, I created my system BUILD A BIKINI BODY designed for women universally to create the perfect female physique by using the principles of X FRAME TRAINING and METABOLIC TRAINING. This is for novice to advanced women at any level in fitness. I have refined my system by working with hundreds of women from all over the world, all ages, ethnicities, and body types. Fitness has provided a great platform for me to share with others my passion and enthusiasm for living a healthy fitness lifestyle and my goal is to show women that you are never limited by your circumstances. If you want to live a better life then start by changing the way live; make living a healthy life a priority and why not work towards looking fabulous in the process!"

Through my years of experience I have developed the right strategy in order to help you look your absolute best when you getting on that stage. Having a great body or a beautiful face alone won’t earn you a pro card. You have to have a game plan, you must have a strategy in order to win!

Body Composition Analysis and Nutrition

The foods you eat and the manner in which you eat them contribute to 80% of the way you look. I have said this many times and it still holds true “Abs are made in the kitchen!” You can do cardio for an hour a day and do crunches until you are blue in the face but, if you are not consuming the right kinds of foods and your macro nutrient ratio is off balance you will never see a tight and tiny waistline.

Eating “clean” or eating organic and gluten free does not lead to weight loss. Eating the right ratios of proteins / fats/ and carbohydrates combined with weight training and cardio leads to losing those pounds that will be gone forever!

Personal Training Programs

I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete . I have transformed my body to compete on the largest stages in the world.  Now, I'm taking my years of training, blood, sweat & tears to bring your body to it's best. I specialize in body sculpting and NPC /IFBB contest prep training , but you don't have to be a competitor to learn the techniques of the Pros.

Contest Prep and Competition Consulting

As your prep coach you will also have full access to me so any issues or questions you might have you can use me as a resource or point of reference. I will be there for you every step of the way making sure there are no surprises and ensuring we bring your body and complete package at its very best!  I love working with athletes who have passion and enthusiasm for this sport and confident I can offer you exactly what you are looking for.

Bikini Posing

When it comes to bikini fitness posing is EVERYTHING! Like I said earlier in this chapter it can make or break you and it's especially important when you are doing your back pose. There are 3 main poses in bikini fitness: front pose, back pose, and model pose. Most of your competitors will be doing either all three are at least 2 of those poses so executing them flawlessly is what will help you stand out. Confidence is key when it comes to walking on stage and hitting your poses so OWN IT by walking with purpose and holding those poses as if that stage was yours. You have worked too hard to not show off your body with confidence and style.