Whether you are looking to start a new #weightloss program or JUST looking to accelerate your current program the results you see from these simple tips will amaze you. Not only will these tips help jump start your current program but they are also important lifestyle changes to incorporate into your fitness routine to help maintain the progress you have already achieved!

TIP # 1 IS FASTED CARDIO - Fasted Cardio allows you to start your day with negative calories. You are actually starting your day by burning calories left over from the previous day. Fasted cardio is simply doing a good cardiovascular workout before you eat anything. Your workout will vary based on your ability. A good brisk walk, jogging or jumping rope are excellent ways to get your heart pumping. Fasted cardio should be done two to three times a week for twenty to thirty minutes each time. Remember that it is important that you get your heart rate up to approximately 150 beats per minute. Fasted cardio will increase your metabolism and continue to burn calories for several hours.

TIP # 2 IS GREEN TEA EXTRACT – Green Tea Extract is a natural, herbal, metabolic stimulant that should be incorporated into your morning routine. Green Tea Extract should either be taken just before your morning workout or fifteen to twenty minutes before breakfast on the days that you are not doing a morning workout. Green Tea Extract is an anti-carcinogen and also has caffeine which provides a bit of an energy boost to get your day started.
TIP# 3 IS INTERMITTENT FASTING – Intermittent fasting is simply waiting twelve to fourteen hours from the time you eat your last meal on one day until you eat breakfast the next day. Intermittent fasting allows your body plenty of time to deplete the glycogen from the previous day. Our bodies store glycogen, calories and fat but intermittent fasting gives our bodies time to do it’s and burn the excess away.

TIP # 4 IS NO JUICES, NO SODAS AND NO FRIED FOOD – If you remove juices, sodas and fried food from your diet you are getting rid of the heavier, sugary, fatty calories. Juices are very high in sugar. If you drink eight ounces of juice you are typically consuming a week’s worth of fruit. If you drink juice it should be green juices (ie… kale, spinach, ginger, lemon, green apple, etc….). Even if the bottle says “organic” or “all natural” you should be sure to read the label to determine how much unnecessary sugar you are putting into your body.

TIP # 5 IS TO DRINK WATER – Water is a vital element in weight loss. You should consume two to three litters of water per day. Drinking extra water flushes out a lot of the excess toxins that your body retains. There are toxins in artificial sweeteners, sodas, many foods, alcohol, etc….. You should replace all of your drinks with water. Also, your body holds onto less fat when it is properly hydrated. Ladies tend to hold adipose tissue in the lower abdominal area. With the excess water those fat cells begin to shrink. Water is a great way to keep your body from holding onto those excess fat cells.

These tips are not a substitute for a good nutritional or fitness program. These tips are designed to be added to a well rounded program to boost your results.

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