When we occasionally over-indulge; whether it be on sweets, carbohydrates or alcohol, our body’s tend to bloat due to high sugar intake, toxins, and sodium which cause water retention leading to #bloating and discomfort. In order to get our bodies back on track I am sharing with you some of my GO-TO products which I know will help you get tight and feeling more like yourself.  Here are five tips to help you cleanse your body and get rid of those excess toxins.

TIP # A LIVER AND KIDNEY DETOX – Incorporating a liver and kidney detox into your system is a great place to start. This is not a laxative tea. This is a combination of dandelion root, dandelion extract along with licorice root, papaya enzyme and peppermint which are some great things to help flush out excess water.  Dandelion root is also great for helping your liver and kidney functions. The liver processes everything and it tries to get rid of all the bad stuff first. If your liver is backed up with a bunch of toxins and sugars it becomes difficult to process other things. Doing a daily detox to get your system clean will help get rid of the water retention and bloat.

TIP # 2 NATURE’S CALM – Nature’s calm is a magnesium supplement that comes in a powdered form. It is an electrolyte combined with calcium which is great to help strengthen your bones which is especially important for women. Electrolytes are important because it keeps us hydrated and the more hydrated you are the less your body tends to hold onto fat. It is also an anti-stress and it will help relax your muscles and it relaxes your digestive tract and helps to flush your system.

TIP# 3 POTASSIUM – Incorporate some potassium into your diet. Potassium is an anti-salt and is also an electrolyte so it will hydrate your body while expelling excess salt which will relieve water retention and bloating. If you will incorporate a potassium supplement combined with the liver and kidney detox along with the nature’s calm you will be amazed by how wonderful you feel.

TIP # 4 DRINK A LOT OF WATER – I know this is an obvious tip but it is so very important that you drink a LOT of water. You should drink at least two litters of water maybe even up to a gallon of water for 3 or 4 days while trying to flush your body of the toxins that you need to expel from your body while you were off of your program. You can also add some good, clean, organic, fresh coconut water to help stay hydrated. Coconut water has a lot of electrolytes and while it does have a lot of sugars they are simple sugars that your body will burn through very quickly.

TIP # 5 CLOSELY WATCH YOUR FOOD INTAKE – For the first six days of getting back on track watch your food intake closely. Keep your carbohydrate, simple sugars and fats very low in order to avoid a harsh rebound. Keep in mind that keeping your carbohydrates low is different based on your metabolic rate and how active you are. Watching your nutrition and keeping the carbohydrates, fats and sugars low will keep your body from storing that excess food as fat. Of course adding some cardiovascular exercise and getting your heart rate up will help to sweat out those toxins.

These tips are not a substitute for a good nutritional or fitness program. These tips are designed to be added to a well rounded program to boost your results and get yourself back on track. By using these tips after you have over-indulged on a weekend or vacation get away you will see that none of the damage is irreversible.

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