Whether you are a seasoned competitor that isn’t placing as well as you know you could or a new competitor that has never stepped on the stage these tips will help you to bring your best package to the judges.

TIP # 1 IS NUTRITION -  Your nutrition is the key element to you bringing the absolute best body. You cannot put on good lean dense muscle mass if you don’t have the right nutrition. You must be on the right calories, taking the proper supplements, increasing your protein and taking the right recovery agents to get the desired results. Whether you are wanting to put on muscle or shredding down nutrition becomes increasingly important. When you are shredding down you don’t want to lose the muscle you have put on while trying to diet down for competition.  This is when nutrition is so very important because the right macro nutrient plan (ie the right split of your fat, protein & carbs) to go hand in hand with your training, conditioning and cardio will allow you to lose the excess weight without sacrificing muscle. Good nutrition cannot be stressed enough. Poor nutrition when training for competition can lead to poor metabolism, thyroid issues and adrenal gland issues among other things. When competing it is very important that you work with a good nutritional program.

TIP # 2 IS TRAINING – Your training style is very important when it comes to achieving the body you want. If you are trying to put on lean muscle mass and your goal is to get your body ready before you start a prep you want to make sure you allow your body enough time to recover. It is impossible to put on lean muscle mass if you are always in the gym working out. Your body has to have the time of rest to recovery and let that muscle heal. For best results when you plan your work out make sure that plan is specific for your body type. Each competitor has different weak points so be sure that more emphasis is put on your week points to build them up. Also, you want your training to be tailored to what the judges will be looking for.

TIP# 3 IS POSING – Posing is really important because it allows you to show off this great body that you have been working on. Get with a good posing coach and design a posing routine that highlights your strongest assets and take focus off of your weak areas. You also want to make sure that you are comfortable walking in your heels. Spend some time walking in your five inch heels so that you are comfortable in them. You should practice posing 15 to 20 minutes a day four times a week for the last six weeks of your training. You want to present your fabulous, strong, athletic body in a beautiful, soft, graceful, confident way

TIP # 4 IS GLAM – Glamour is so important for the bikini category because these judges are looking for the whole package. The judges want to see a gorgeous girl, in a beautiful swim suit, with amazing posing showing off a great, tone, tight, athletic body. Don’t skip out on the glam. Do the hair, the makeup & the tan. Make sure you don’t overlook the details that you can control.

TIP # 5 IS TALK TO THE JUDGES – Take the time to talk to the judges after the show. It is very important that you get feedback from the judges. If you cannot talk to the judges in person after a show be sure to take the time to email your pictures to the judge and request feedback. Then take that feedback and work on the changes that you need to make before you get back on the stage.

Keep these tips in mind when you compete again. Every competitor should feel like 1st place no matter what place you walk off the stage with.

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