Personal Training :

I am an ISSA certified personal trainer,  IFBB PRO bikini athlete,  health and fitness blogger,  published fitness model,  and I'm certified in nutrition. As a pro athlete and personal trainer I have had the pleasure of training with the best trainers and athletes in the industry and worked with some amazing nutritionist and dietitians which have lead me to create a great training program.  With this program I will teach you how to sculpt your body in such a way that you will not only lose body fat very quickly but simultaneously increase your lean muscle mass . Now, I'm taking my years of training, blood, sweat & tears to bring your body to it's best. I specialize in body sculpting and NPC /IFBB contest prep training , but you don't have to be a competitor to learn the techniques of the Pros.

My training package includes:

  • Resistance (Weight) Training Program

  • Complete Exercise Guide

  • Cardiovascular Program (Combining HIIT and LISS)

  • Weekly workout split and body part breakdown