Bikini Posing


When it comes to the bikini division posing is EVERYTHING! Posing can make or break you and it's especially important when you are doing your back pose. There are 3 main poses in bikini fitness: front pose, back pose, and model pose. Most of your competitors will be doing either all three are at least 2 of those poses so executing them flawlessly is what will help you stand out. Confidence is key when it comes to walking on stage and hitting your poses so OWN IT by walking with purpose and holding those poses as if that stage was yours. You have worked too hard to not show off your body with confidence and style.

I cover all aspects of posing making sure there are no surprises on your show day. We will be going through everything from your walk to cal outs and holding your pose when you're off to the side. A seasoned athlete starts posing from behind the curtain and I teach all my competitors to come in looking like seasoned pros!


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