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  • bikini body transformation program

    Bikini Body 8 Week Transformation Program

    With this program you will take your body from Skinny Fat to Bikini Fit by following my 40:40:20 Rule. This is my secret formula to help you ACHIEVE and MAINTAIN your bikini body ALL YEAR LONG! My program will help you create the PERFECT X FRAME! I will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition, macros,  resistance and cardiovascular training,  sculpting your body,  and will provide you with a full training program to ensure your workouts lead to creating the perfect bikini body!

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    Bikini Posing

    I cover all aspects of posing making sure there are no surprises on your show day. We will be going through everything from your walk to cal outs and holding your pose when you’re off to the side. A seasoned athlete starts posing from behind the curtain and I teach all my competitors to come in looking like seasoned pros!
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    My CUSTOMIZED NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM will teach you how to sculpt your body, lose body fat, and increase your lean muscle mass . You and I will be working together one on one throughout this program, making changes to your program along the way to ensure any plateau is overcome. This is an 8 week nutritional program.

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